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Potatoes Gnocchi with Pesto

Potatoes Gnocchi with Pesto is a special dish for us: we love it! My grandmother often prepared them for me and now, it’s me preparing them for my husband and myself! We think that the pesto Genovese dressing, a typical recipe from Liguria – the region I come from -, is perfect with the potatoes gnocchi. You… Continue reading Potatoes Gnocchi with Pesto

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Halloween Glazed Biscuits

Preparing the Halloween Glazed Biscuits is very easy and funny! They are perfect as snack or as dessert for the Halloween night! Not everybody like celebrating this festivity, but you can prepare and do something with your children and entertain them in a simple and homemade way! Moreover, you can always amaze the kids going door to door… Continue reading Halloween Glazed Biscuits