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Hazelnut Chocolate Tarts

Hazelnut Chocolate Tarts are very easy to prepare and they are delicious! These tarts are perfect for breakfast or as a snack. I made single serving tarts: very handy! Especially for your children to bring at school as snack; in fact they can be easily wrapped. We can serve the Hazelnut Chocolate Tarts also like a dessert.… Continue reading Hazelnut Chocolate Tarts

Dessert · Pastries as Snack

Chocolate Beetroot Cake

April came and Re-Cake 2.0 issued a new contest! This month they proposed us a very tasty recipe: Chocolate Beetroot Cake! This cake is delicious. Maybe a little too sweet, at least for my taste. But I liked it and I’m very happy for having tried this cake! This recipe is quite easy and the cake can be prepared in one day! It… Continue reading Chocolate Beetroot Cake