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Pork and Leek Hamburger

This is not my first attempt to prepare the hamburger buns, but I decided to personalise also the meat used for the hamburgers! I’m very satisfied with the result I obtained. Therefore I would like to share the Pork and Leek Hamburger recipe with you, my readers!

This recipe is very easy and quick to prepare, but rich in flavour!

Hamburger di Maiale e Porro

These hamburgers are perfect to invite your friends to watch a football match or a casual dinner. Be careful: the ingredients are for two people so, as needed, you should double or triple them!

Pork and Leek Hamburger


  • 2 hamburger buns;
  • 200 g of minced pork;
  • 1/2 leek;
  • some leaves of basil;
  • 1 tomato;
  • oil, salt and pepper.

Preparing the Pork and Leek Hamburger

First, we should prepare the hamburger buns following my recipe.

Cut the leek in thin slices, wash and dry them.

In a bowl mix the pork with a pinch of salt, some pepper, some leaves of basil and the leek slices.

In the meantime, warm a grill to cook the meat.

With the prepared mix, shape two hamburgers: help yourself with a round cutter.

Cook the hamburgers onto the grill from both sides until they are well cooked (obviously you can adjust the cooking time to achieve the level of cooking you prefer).

Take our hamburger buns, divide them in half and arrange some tomato slices and one hamburger each.

Season with some olive oil and serve our Pork and Leek Hamburger!

Hamburger di Maiale e Porro

As needed, we can increase their flavour with some cheese or bacon!

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