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Cod Basil Risotto

Cod Basil Risotto is a first course very easy to prepare, but it is very tasty!

It is a complete and balanced dish, perfect in every occasion.

Cod Basil Risotto

Cod Basil Risotto

Ingredients (for 2 people):

  • 500 ml of vegetable broth;
  • 160 g of rice for risotto;
  • 350 g of cod;
  • 150 g of small tomatoes;
  • 15 leaves of basil;
  • 1 shallot;
  • oil, salt and pepper.

Preparing the Cod Basil Risotto

Warm the vegetable broth.

In the meantime, slice the shallot and cut the cod in cubes. Wash and slice the tomatoes.

In a big pan warm two tablespoons of oil. Put the shallot into it and let it sweat. Stir it using a wooden spoon until it is transparent.

Add the rice and stir for about two minutes.

Ad two ladles of hot broth and stir the rice. Add some broth when it gets absorbed.

After ten minutes cooking add the cod in cubes. Stir occasionally and be careful to not dry the rice off, otherwise there is risk to burn both the rice and the pan.

After five minutes, add the leaves of basil minced with your hands. Keep some of them aside to garnish the dish.

Bring to cook the risotto (about 3-5 minutes), taste it and flavour with salt. As needed, add some pepper.

Turn off the heat, add the tomatoes and stir them.

Arrange a circular cookie cutter onto a plate and fill it with the risotto prepared. Press the top with a spoon to make it more compact.

Slip out the cutter and garnish the top of the risotto with some of the basil leaves that we kept aside. Serve it suddenly, when is still hot!

Note: This is only a suggestion! You can serve the risotto as you prefer!

Here it is our Cod Basil Risotto!

Cod Basil Risotto

Enjoy your dish!

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