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Courgette and Chickpeas Pasta

Courgette and Chickpeas Pasta is a vegetarian first course. Its preparation is very quick and it can be realize with no effort.

This recipe is light but at the same time appetizing. We can consider it a single course!

As needed, this recipe can be made more flavourful with… You will find out if you keep reading!

Courgette and Chickpeas Pasta

Ingredients (for 2 people):

  • 200 g of short pasta;
  • 3 courgettes;
  • 1/2 shallot;
  • 150 g of precooked chickpeas ;
  • 350 ml of tomato pulp;
  • leaves of basil a.r.;
  • oil, salt and pepper.

Preparing the Courgette and Chickpeas Pasta

Wash the courgettes, trim them and cut them in cubes.

Slice the shallot.

Wash the chickpeas (if we are using the precooked ones) and keep them aside.

In a non-stick pan, warm two tablespoon of oil. Add the shallot and let it sweat.

Note: If you want to increase the flavour of this dish, you can replace the oil with 50 g of bacon in cubes. Before adding the tomato pulp, we must remove the excess of fat released by the bacon. Add a tablespoon of oil when combining the sauce with the pasta.

Add the tomato pulp and cook for about ten minutes. Stir occasionally.

Fill a pot with some water. Bring the water to boil and add a pinch of coarse salt. Bring to boil again.

Add the courgettes to the sauce prepared once ago. Stir occasionally. Flavour with salt, pepper and some leaves of basil.

Cook the pasta “al dente” (couple of minutes less than the time indicated on the package).

Before draining the pasta, add the chickpeas to the courgette sauce.

Drain the pasta and transfer it into the prepared sauce. Combine well to dress the pasta.

Serve the Courgette and Chickpeas Pasta when still hot. Garnish with some leaves of basil.

Note: Serve the pasta matched with some grated Parmesan cheese: it makes it tastier!

Courgette and Chickpeas Pasta

Courgette and Chickpeas Pasta

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