Why I Pasticci di Alice?

I Pasticci di Alice wants to be a portal to share recipes that can be cooked by everyone.

The website has been voluntarily kept easy and clean to reflect the nature of recipes. If I had a jingle it would be something like: “Easy, Fast…I Pasticci di Alice”

This little window on my kitchen wants to be a starting point for novices but also a spark for who already is experienced but due to daily tasks, working or private life related, cannot allocate the needed time to cooking.

The cooking landscape is, in my opinion, really wide and I strongly believe there still are a lot of paths to explore. Should you follow me in this journey we could discover or learn something new together.

How was I Pasticci di Alice born?

I learnt cooking thanks to the web and, now, I want to help someone else. I want to share ideas, give suggestions and help who wants to prepare simple and tasty dishes to whom they love.

Once I read a sentence by chance and it keeps sticking in my mind: “We always cook thinking to someone, otherwise we are only preparing your meal”.

Well, my love for cooking is child of the love for my husband!

I am almost you are still questioning yourself about the blog and website title. At the beginning, while cooking, I was making a bit too much of confusion and…more mess than needed. In Italian we use the word “pasticcio” to express “a mess”.

Who I really am…Alice!

My name is Alice and since four years my natural habitat is the kitchen. I discovered this world only because I needed to and day after day I started to like it, appreciate it and falling in love with it. This passion lead me to open a blog on a shared platform, first, and to open my one and only virtual kitchen on the web, now. To be honest, I feel more comfortable behind the stoves rather than in front of a keyboard.

I hope you are and will be enjoying my website. Should you have any comment or critic or, more simply, just want to get in touch with me, you can do it on the Contact Me page.